Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How to stop snowfall in clash of clan

" Hey how's its going bros it's been a long time i was away from my blog due to some issues but I am now here again to rock guys. So I am here with a new tutorial for clash of clan lovers!  "

  Every body loves playing clash of clan, and also getting addicted to this amazing game which is used almost every 80% people you meet in a day, as per statistics there are over 30 million active users in clash of clan from including me, so i thought to write something on it and came on with some guide for clash of clan users.

    As per the latest Clash of clan update we have got tons of new feature, town hall 11 and the hero Grand warden, hence this was an biggest update in COC ever, after this supercell again release the second Christmas update with small little twinkling snow flakes falling on your village, it's cool to see snowfall on your village but it's annoying to me or to many user's sometime, not lying but seriously i loved it for first time but not now, so if you want to know how to get rid from that cold snow then scroll down and follow the steps.

  • Launch the game an wait don't go for attack.
  •  You will see a setting button just above the shop button tap on it
My COC base
  • And at last but not the least you will see a option for turning off the snow just press it and turn it off
Turn off the snow
Super cell had already given us this option for user preference, so we can use it as we need. that's all for now peeps Happy Christmas! to all. 

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